A letter from FOI Chairman, Fr. Gordon Walker

Fr. Gordon Walker

Fr. Gordon Walker

Fr. Gordon’s pastoral letters to the Friends of Indonesia paint a compelling picture of both the power of the Holy Spirit in the work of building the Indonesian Church and the great sacrifices made by the priests who build it. Some excerpts:

Fr. Daniel has a habit of giving all his own money to the needy and then will be reduced to eating the poor food that can be bought from street vendors in Jakarta. It is not quality food and only the poorest usually buy this food which they get very cheaply. I’ve scolded him for doing this but he says he is so moved by the needs of the priests that he will literally give them his last cent.

Our own country is having difficulties in this economic downturn, but a country like Indonesia suffers vastly more. And those who convert to Christ have an even heavier burden to bear. Jobs are harder for them to find – especially for the priests who are often spurned for having turned from Islam to Christ and have become Pastors of Churches.


Fr. Daniel and I have spoken by phone on several occasions. During recent weeks in June and July, he has been invited to preach in a large prison in Jakarta. He called the prisoners to repent from their sins and turn to Christ for forgiveness and transformation. He told me that larger numbers come to hear him preach and one of the “Big Criminals” (one well known for his major crimes) asked Fr. Daniel, “ Why has no one ever told us these things before? Why have I never heard this message?” Fr. Daniel said that he was obviously deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. Father has had to return to teach and catechize the many converts. But who will carry on when he leaves for America?

You can read the entire letter or download the .pdf version.