A Message from the Chairman of FOI

Friends of Indonesia exists to raise awareness and support for the Indonesian Orthodox Church. The vision of those who support the Indonesian Orthodox Church is to infuse the local Indonesian culture with Orthodoxy.


In the United States we work to inform Orthodox Christians about the work in Indonesia and tell people of Oriental and Asiatic heritage about the rich legacy of Orthodoxy Christianity.


We hold firmly to the Orthodox missionary imperative that the Church grows in each local culture according to the truths those cultures already hold. We labor to bring the Gospel of Christ to the Indonesian people in ways that respects and affirms their cultural distinctiveness, and build a Church that will reflect and strengthen the rich cultural heritage they already possess.


It is hard to overstate the miracle happening in Indonesia. Our hope is that you might become inspired as we are and join us in this effort.


Read Fr. Gordon Walker’s Pastoral Letter to the Friends of Indonesia or download the .pdf version.