Clergy Meetings

Clergy Meeting at Holy Trinity Church, Solo, Java

Clergy Meeting at Holy Trinity Church, Solo, Java

Every Thursday in Indonesia on the island of Java in the city of Solo at Holy Trinity Church, the clergy hold a conference in the morning to discuss any issues in the Indonesian Church.

They open in a prayer led by Fr. Alexios, the rector of the parish. Then, they talk about financial, parishioner, and governmental problems, just to name a few; they try to problem solve as a group so that the Church, as a whole, can run smoother on its uphill climb.

There are many difficulties that these priests face, especially about how to support themselves while they spread the gospel. Of course, not all the priests can attend this weekly meeting, like the ones that live too far away to commute (especially the ones on other islands); these ones either email beforehand or call before or during the meeting to discuss anything that they have thought of.

There are about five clergy who attend weekly, and two others who attend occasionally due to travel constrains. They come together to check-up and help each other. They also might decide together what to say in a letter to their bishop.

Afterwards, Fr. Alexios’s wife graciously serves them all lunch once the meeting is over. One of them will later send out the minutes of the meeting to all the clergy that could not attend. These meetings bring a unifying force to the Indonesian Church.