Fr. Daniel visits All Merciful Savior Orthodox Monastery

Fr. Daniel recently visited All Merciful Savior Orthodox Monastery in Vashon Island, Washington. From their website:

Our brotherhood was blessed with a visit by our friend Archimandrite Daniel, founder of the Indonesian Orthodox Church. Father Daniel is a convert from Islam and a wonderful evangelist for Christ and Holy Orthodoxy. He is under the Patriarchate of Moscow, and is traveling around the United States, raising money for his mission. Please remember to pray for the success of this God protected mission, and for the safety and well being of Father Daniel and his clergy and flock. As we all know, it is dangerous for Christians living under Islam, and especially dangerous for converts from Islam, being under a ban of death.

The Indonesian Orthodox Church is dependent on the prayers and donations of God’s people everywhere. Without your support, this new, struggling community of believers would be in danger of extinction. Please give generously to our brothers and sisters in Indonesia. You may do so by sending a check to Friends of Indonesia, PO Box 9484, Baltimore, MD 21228.