A Brief Report on the Parishes in Indonesia

On behalf of Fr. Daniel Byantoro, overseer of the Orthodox Church in Indonesa, Fr. Alexios Setir Cahyadi visited several parishes and offered this report.

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Fr. Markus Wiyono who serves as the priest of St. Matthew Orthodox Church in Pasekan Village, Tlatar, Boyolali, along with Mr. Michael Raka and his wife Elizabeth led the congregation in collecting a monetary donation for the victims of the Merapi Mountain volcanic explosions. Mr. Raka and his wife are members of the Friends of Indonesia Australia (a sister organization to the Friends of Indonesia USA) that is run under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) in Australia.

Friends of Indonesia USA offered help to the victims previously. Fr. Alexios accepted the donation who passed it on to Fr. Markus. Fr. Markus lives in the area and knows the immediate needs. The funds were used to provide clean drinking water for the people displaced by the volcano.

Present at the meeting were: Fr Alexios , Fr Antonius, Fr Markus, Fr Barnabas, Subdeacon Yakobus, Presbytera Heleny, Presbytera Klaudia, Mr Michael Raka, Mrs Elisabeth Koesoemo-Raka and Dan Johanes.

Orthodox Community of St Matthew in Pasekan Village, Boyolali

Fr. Alexios continued with a visit to the St. Mark Community in Simo Village, Boyolali served by Fr. Barnabas Gregorius Elu van Basten. The appointments are modest but the Spirit of God is present in abundant supply! They use a small room that belongs to Mr. Anatolios to hold their worship.

Orthodox Community of St Mark in Pasekan Village, Boyolali.

The final stop was the Ngemplak Mission in Ngemplak Village, Kaliwungu, Semarang, served by Fr. Antonius Bambang Setiatmodjo. Fortunately, the mission has a separate building for worship. Fr. Daniel was able to purchase the building for half the listed price but they are still carrying a debt for half of the payment.


Orthodox Community in Ngemplak Village, Kaliwungu Semarang, served by Fr Antonius.

As you can see, despite some obstacles the Orthodox Church continues to grow and prosper, drawing people who seek a deeper communion with Christ into it. In many ways the Indonesian experience replicates the Early Christian Church that, despite hardships, persevered through the prayers and faithfulness of those people God called into it.