Fr. Seraphim Scheidler – May his memory be eternal!

Fr. Seraphim ScheidlerFr. Seraphim Scheidler, a great friend of the Orthodox Church in Indonesia, passed away January 17, 2011. He had struggled with a weak heart condition for many years.

Fr. Seraphim loved the Orthodox mission in Indonesia, which he visited twice in an official capacity. In fact, he was ordained to the sub-diaconate at Holy Apostle Thomas Orthodox Church in Jakarta, February 23, 2006, and was initially assigned to work with Fr. Daniel Byantoro, founder of the Indonesian Orthodox Church. Fr. Seraphim’s poor heart-health held him back from realizing his desire to serve in Indonesia along side Fr. Daniel.

You can read more of Fr. Seraphim’s journey on the Journey to Orthodoxy website.

May his memory be eternal!

Below are pictures of Fr. Seraphim’s ordination. We will miss him.