Who are the Friends of Indonesia?

Fr. Byantoro baptizing a child

Friends of Indonesia exists to raise awareness and support for the Indonesian Orthodox Church. Our purpose is to dissminate information about Indonesia, its history and culture, and about the Orthodox Church in Indonesia; and to encourage Orthodox believers to support the Church in Indonesia through their prayers and gifts.

How did the Church in Indonesia start?

The Church began with the conversion of Fr. Daniel Byantoro, a former Muslim who longed for a deeper certainty of God. In high school the young Byantoro met a Christian, debated him, and won. But the Lord Jesus Christ, seeing the young man’s longing for the One True God did not stop there. One night he received a vision. Jesus Christ appeared to him.

Afraid and confused but drawn by the Christ who appeared him, the young man searched the Koran even more deeply and through it encountered this passage that recalled the Annuciation when the angel Gabriel approached the Virgin Mary: “Remember when the angels said: O Maryam, surely Allah glad tidings with a Word from Himself, His Name will be the Messiah, Isa, the Son of Maryam. He is great in this world and hereafter, and he is among those who are near to Allah.”

Isa (Jesus) is the Word from God

Met. Hilarion ordaining an Indonesian Priest

“So the Messiah, Isa (Jesus) is the the Word from God,” he said to himself. And so began a long journey that would ultimately end with the young Byantoro’s reception into the Orthodox Church.

But the Lord was not finished. After the proper education and formation in Greece and elsewhere, and after ordination as a priest, Fr. Daniel returned to Indonesia and began building the Church. Today over 33 Orthodox parishes or missions exist in this predominantly Muslim land.

Our Work

Our work is a divine calling set before us by God to help establish the fledgling Indonesian Church by helping Fr. Daniel and the faithful priests who serve with him. We invite you to join us.

Look over the information on this website. See the miracle that is unfolding in Indonesia. You will be inspired and strengthened in your own faith when you see what our Lord is doing. Then prayerfully entreat the Lord and see if you might be called to join us in this important work.