Muslim attacks on Indonesian Christian Churches in 2010

Theophilus Bela Secretary General of Indonesian Committee on Religion and Peace (IComRP) President of Jakarta Christian Communication Forum (FKKJ) Herewith is the list of attacks on Christian Churches in Indonesia of last year : 1. “Huria Kristen Batak Protestan” Church or Batak Protestant Christian Church in Pesanggrahan, Depok, West Java Province In March 2009 the […]

Fr. Daniel Byantoro: Religious tension in Indonesia continues

Unlike America, Indonesian Christians face challenges from Muslims and others who attempt to harass and intimidate the Christians into silence. Following our Lord and Savior always carries a cost, but that cost is more evident in Indonesia because of the Muslim majority. In many cases it involves using the state apparatus to deny permits and […]

Muslim harassment of Indonesian Christians intensifies

Fr. Daniel Byantoro: Muslim harassment of Christians in Indonesia is increasing. Below I have included a newsletter that catalogs the level and extent of recent trouble the Christians of Indonesia has had either from Muslim activists or the state. We need your prayers and your support to preach the Gospel of Christ and build the […]

Indonesian Bishop: Muslim radicals are “colonizing” the country

Source: Jihad Watch No word from the Mideast on whether this might also be a Zionist plot, all the way over in Indonesia. Indeed, one again finds Islam’s vaunted “tolerance” being “misunderstood” with striking uniformity in places far removed from one another, by local Islamic groups. So, how did that happen? Did these guys call […]