Fr. Daniel Byantoro Podcasts

Christ the Eternal Kalimat: An Indonesian Perspective on the Person and Identity of Jesus Christ

In these podcasts, Fr. Daniel concentrates on the identity of the 2nd person of the Trinity – Jesus the Christ. Is He who He claims to be – Very God of Very God? Jesus is the Eternal Kalimat – Arabic for Word or Logos in Greek.

Podcasts courtesy of Ancient Faith Radio.

The Sharing Of Christ

Fr. Daniel looks closely at the first-called Apostles – Andrew and Simon Peter. (29:03)
Feb 19, 2009

The Revealed Christ

Fr. Daniel denotes the false beliefs of who Jesus is and contrasts them with the true testimony of John the Baptist. (29:21)
Feb 12, 2009

Christ The Baptizer With The Spirit

Fr. Daniel shows how being baptized in Jesus, as opposed to John’s, is of the Holy Spirit, uniting us to His death and resurrection and eternal life. (29:40)
Feb 05, 2009

Christ Is The Lamb Of God

Why does John the Baptist refer to Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”? (28:15)
Jan 29, 2009

The Meaning Of John’s Baptism

Fr. Daniel explains the nature and purpose of John the Baptist, as one crying in the wilderness. (27:54)
Jan 22, 2009

John The Baptist As Elijah

Fr. Daniel explains how John the Baptist was– and wasn’t– the Prophet Elijah. (23:51)
Jan 15, 2009

Jesus Is The Christ

Fr. Daniel explains how Jesus is The Christ, because He is The prophet, The king and The priest. (42:05)
Jan 08, 2009

Christ Explicates God

Fr. Daniel shows how God is revealed, not by writings or by law, but through His incarnate Son. (36:31)
Dec 03, 2008

Christ The Self-Revelation Of God

Fr. Daniel concludes his examination of the introduction of the Gospel of John. (36:31)
Jan 01, 2009

Christ The Fullness Of Grace And Truth

Fr. Daniel explains how Christ contains the fullness of God’s divinity and therefore His Grace and Mercy, and He expresses this to the world. (28:55)
Nov 26, 2008