Clergy Biographies

Fr. Alexander Kobesi

Fr. Alexander KobesiBali Mission

I and my family are converts to the Orthodox faith. I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. By the Grace of God, I was ordained to be an Orthodox priest on June, 27th, 2009 in Holy Trinity Church of Solo-Central Java by Metropolitan HILARION. I was assigned by Fr. Daniel Byantoro with the blessing of His Eminence, Met. Hilarion, to serve the new missionary community in Bali, Indonesia. (Read more…)

Fr. Irenaios Wiwit Budi Priyono

Fr. Irenaios Wiwit Budi PriyonoCommunity of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Gresik
Community of St. Panteleimon, Mojokerto
Jombang City Mission
Kabuh Village Mission
Planda’an Village Mission

Bali Mission

I was born into a Pentecostal Christian family in the village of Driyorejo in East Java, a predominantly Muslim area. My parents had converted from Islam to Christianity as young adults. In his childhood and youth he was steeped in Bible study and in the belief that Pentecostalism is the continuation of the original Christian church described in the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles. (Read more…)

Fr. Alexios Setir Cahyadi

Fr. Alexios Setir CahyadiHoly Trinity Parish, Solo
St. John Of Kronstadt Mission, Semanggi
Jogyakarta City Mission, Jogyakarta
Grasak Mission, Grasak
Mission in Bandung, Bandang

Fr. Alexios was born on February 8th, 1958 as one of four brothers and one sister in a village called Prigi, Kedungjati, Grobogan, in Central Java. He grew up in a family of simple farmers. All of them were Buddhist and lived their lives according to the teaching of the faith of their ancestors. (Read more…)

Fr. Kostantinus Gultom

Fr. Kostantinus GultomCommunity of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Medan

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Fr. Antonius Bambang Setiatmodjo

Fr. AntoniosSt. Anthony the Great Community, Salatiga

I am a married priest with one wife: Presbytera Marina , and one son (Ireneus ) and two daughters (Paraskevi and Kyriaki). Ireneus and Paraskevi are in the university, while Kyriaki is still in the primary school. Before I tell my story, I think I should tell you about my Javanese culture so that you can understand where I come from. (Read more…)

Fr. Kyrillos Junan Siswaja

Fr. KyrillosSt. Jonah of Manchuria Orthodox Community, Surabaya, and St. Pantelemon, the wonder worker Orthodox Community, Mojokerto

In the middle of these spiritual struggles, once more the grace of God was at work. It was during this time that a friend introduced me to and testified to me about the Orthodox Church. I was introduced me to Fr Daniel, who later became my spiritual father. I was shocked and my faith was shaken upon realizing, through the teaching of Fr Daniel both orally and especially through his books, that the Apostolic Faith and Church still existed and that the Orthodox Church is the unbroken continuation of that Early Church of the Apostles themselves. (Read more…)

Fr. Moses Kristianto

Fr. Moses KristiantoTomohon mission, Manado (near St. Gregory of Nyssa)

Fr. Moses was born to parents who had recently converted to Presbytarianism from Islam. His family continued their search for truth and finally found the Orthodox faith and were baptised. Fr. Moses began to help out in the churches in Solo, in the city of Malang, and in the city of Semarang while he was a student there. (Read more…)

Fr. Dcn. Lukas Adi Sucipto, MD, and MPH (reposed June, 2009)

Fr. Dcn. Lukas Adi SuciptoSt. Thomas, Jakarta

Dcn. Lukas fell asleep in the Lord on June 1st 2009 due to health complications. All the priests gathered for his funeral, led by Fr. Daniel. He is survived by his wife, one married daughter and grandson, and one married son and granddaughter. Fr. Lukas’s journey to Orthodoxy was a long road that took years, but one where he arrived on with great joy and devotion. (Read more…)

Fr. Barnabas Gregorius Elu van Basten

Fr. Barnabas Gregorius Elu van BastenSt. Mark Community, Boyolali

I was born on April 12th, 1965 in Central Timor Island; therefore by ethnicity, I am a Timorese, the same ethnicity as Fr. Panteleimon. Timor is located in the Southeastern part of Indonesia, north of the Australian continent. The land is very arid and dry, and the people are mostly poor. Ethnically, we are different from the vast majority of Indonesian people. (Read more…)

Fr. Dcn. Makarios Rudyo Mursanto

Fr. Dcn. Makarios Rudyo MursantoHoly Trinity Parish, Solo

I am Deacon Makarios, the oldest son of three brothers and one sister. I am a native of Solo City, which is also called Surakarta City in Central Java, Indonesia, and I was born on October 12, 1968. Solo is considered to be the cradle of Javanese civilization; it is composed of two kingdoms where the monarchial lineages still reign from their two palaces. (Read more…)

Fr. Boris Bambang Rahadi Setyawan

Fr. Boris Bambang Rahadi SetyawanSt. Thomas Parish, Jakarta

In this Islamic religious boarding school (“pesantren”), there was a group of people whose sole determination was to convert Christians to Islam. It was the common belief of almost all Muslims that Christians are infidels (“kaffirs”) that need to be converted to Islam. At last, after I learned a little about Christianity, I decided to visit a nearby Church; but, to my surprise, I did not find anything that I considered to be “infidel” during this visit. Instead I met Christ personally in this Church. (Read more…)

Fr. Markus Wiyono

Fr. MarcusSt. George Mission, Tlatar
Tambak Mission, Tambak
Ngemplak Mission, Ngemplak

I am the oldest son of four brothers and was born on April 24th, 1963, in the city of Boyolali, Central Java. They named me Wiyono, which means welfare and salvation. My parents were officially Muslims, but they leaned more to the “Javanese mystical tradition” (“Kebatinan”) in their religious practices than to official Islam. When I was in 6th grade, they were intensely practicing Javanese mysticism, which is a traditional Javanese mystical belief influenced by animistic, Hindu-Buddhist beliefs along with Islamic sufism. Therefore, I was raised in this Islamo-Javanistic mystical environment when I was a child and, since my father was more intense in this Javanese mystical practice rather than Islamic one, he taught me the same things. (Read more…)

Dcn. Chrysostomos Gaspersz

Dcn. Chrysostomos GasperszJayapura Mission, Jayapura

Dcn. Chrysostomos is a native of Papua and also the nephew-in-law of Fr. Athanasius. He is of the Ambonese ethnicity. He studied at the Jayapura Cendrawasih University in the city of Jayapura. After graduation, he became professor at the university and married the neice of Fr. Athanasius. He then converted to Orthodoxy and was baptized by Fr. Alexios. (Read more…)

Fr. Michael Momongan

Fr. Michael MomonganSt Gregory of Nyssa Parish, Manado

Fr. Michael is the brother of the late Fr. Gregory and has been continuing Fr. Gregory’s mission in Manado. After Fr. Gregory’s death, Fr. Michael decided with the great approval of his family to seek ordination and continue the vision of his brother. His family is very supportive of Orthodoxy and dedicated to the mission in Manado. (Read more…)

Fr. Dionysios Surya Halim

Fr. DionysiosCommunity of Sts Mitrophan & Tatiana, Pekanbaru

The history of the Chinese people in Indonesia is both long and complex, but we are an integral part of the society in almost every area. Some Chinese groups have been there for hundreds of years, though many of those have become more integrated in their culture to the native Indonesian people. There has been much intermarriage over many centuries between the Indonesian and the Chinese, though in the recent past, the Chinese have had a harder time in Indonesia. (Read more…)

Fr. Gregory Ardy Momongan-Supit (reposed)

Fr. GregoryNativity of the Theotokos Parish, Manad
Kupang Mission, Kupand (West Timor Island)

Fr. Panteleimon Philipus MZ Lake

Fr. Panteleimon Philipus MZ LakeKupang Mission, Kupang (West Timor Island), and St. Mary the Theotokos, Langowan-Manado, North Sulawesi-Indonesia

Fr. Panteleimon was born into a devout Roman Catholic family on the island of Timor. After graduating from High School, he entered the Roman Catholic Seminary of the Diocese of Kupang, the capital city of West Timor Province (East Timor is separate country now). Here, in this Seminary, was the starting point of his search and his introduction to the Orthodox faith. In the faculty of Philosophy/Theology, he received many lessons on General Church History, which emphasized Medieval Church History. When he began to study the Theology of the Sacraments (Initiations), the late Fr. Dr. Agus Buka, a secular priest, cited many of the teachings of the Eastern Fathers — Athanasius, Basil the Great, and John Chrysostom. It is the term “Eastern Church” that became “the key that opened the Orthodox World”. (Read more…)

Fr. Dcn. Agapit Habib K.S Waas

Fr. Dcn. Agapit Habib K.S WaasSt. Thomas Jakarta, Indonesia

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