Dcn. Chrsostomos Gaspersz

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Dcn. Chrsostomos GasperszDcn. Chrsostomos Gaspersz is a native of Papua and also the nephew-in-law of Fr. Athanasius. He is of the Ambonese ethnicity. He studied at the Jayapura Cendrawasih University in the city of Jayapura. After graduation, he became professor at the university and married the neice of Fr. Athanasius. He then converted to Orthodoxy and was baptized by Fr. Alexios. He was ordained to the diaconate by Metropolitan HILARION in June 2009. Now in his thirties, he is currently helping out Fr. Athanasius at the mission in Papua, the church of the Ressurection, and helping to run a student ministry at the university.