Fr. Dcn. Lukas Adi Sucipto, MD, and MPH (reposed June, 2009)

Deacon Dr. Lukas Adi Sutjipto (reposed)Deacon Lukas fell asleep in the Lord on June 1st 2009 due to health complications. All the priests gathered for his funeral, led by Fr. Daniel. He is survived by his wife, one married daughter and grandson, and one married son and granddaughter. Fr. Lukas’s journey to Orthodoxy was a long road that took years, but one where he arrived on with great joy and devotion.

Fr. Lukas was bornon December 12th 1943 as the youngest of four brothers. In the 70’s, the young Fr. Lukas, who was a doctor named Dr. Adi at the time, met a young Fr. Daniel, who had only recently converted from Islam to Protestant Christianity. Dr. Adi was highly influenced by the Charismatic movement at the time, though he had married a wife of the Islamic faith, and they lived largely separate spiritual lives. Fr. Daniel had many opportunities at the time to talk with Dr. Adi and, especially, his wife about the Christian faith. His wife was quite hesitant to move further in the faith since her family would not approve. After a time, Fr. Daniel left the area and the three did not see each other for a long time. During this time, Dr. Adi became the general secretary of a protestant health organization that is responsible for 37 hospitals all over Indonesia. Because of this job, he traveled widely all over world and became acquainted with many people within the Protestant circle.

In 1988, Fr. Daniel, who had since converted to Orthodoxy, started a mission in Solo, the city where Dr. Adi and his family lived. They joyfully became reacquainted and gave Fr. Daniel much support in his missionary efforts. On three occasions, Fr. Daniel was led by prayer to speak to Monica, Dr. Adi’s wife, and only on the third visit did Monica tell him what was troubling her. She had a cancer of the womb and was afraid to tell her husband. In tears, she asked Fr. Daniel to pray for her the Orthodox prayer for the sick and to anoint her. Fr. Daniel did this on three different occasions; each time, Monica said that she felt something being cut off inside her. Her fear was dissipated and she filled with joy when she went to the doctor for abnormal bleeding and found out from him that her cancer was completely gone. He said that it was a miracle. She decided that she wished to be baptized into the Orthodox Church, but she didn’t want to do so in Indonesia, due to her relatives.

During this time, Fr. Gordon Walker and his wife came to Indonesia and stayed at Dr. Adi’s house. They became friends, and Fr. Gordon invited them to come to America sometime. So in 1996, Dr. Adi, his wife, and Fr. Daniel flew over the ocean to America. On the flight over, Monica tried to convince her husband to convert to Orthodoxy with her. She was prepared to be baptized by Fr. Gordon when they arrived there. He refused, especially since he did not believe in saints or icons. When they landed in San Francisco, Fr. Daniel brought them to the Joy of All Who Sorrows, a ROCOR church that has the uncorrupt relics of St. John of Maximovitch, during a tour of the city. Dr. Adi couldn’t believe that someone who was dead could be uncorrupt, and he stood amazed staring at the relics for a long time. Fr. Daniel and Monica left him alone in the church so that he could have his time. He surprised them when he came rushing out of the church in a cold sweat, absolutely terrified. He wanted to leave immediately. On the plane to Tennessee, Dr. Adi told his wife that he would like to be chrismated tomorrow during her baptism. He recounted to her how while he was praying in front of St. John’s crypt about his disbelief in icons and saints, he saw the icon of the saint move his hands in the form of a blessing every time he finished praying. This happened three times, which is why he became so scared. His wife joyfully agreed to his conversion, and they both enter the church during their trip to Nashville. Fr. Gordon becomes his godfather.

Dr. Adi gave his life over the Lord and, in 2007, he was ordained a deacon by Met. Hilarion to help Fr. Alexios in Solo. He wanted to do as much for the church as he could, though he was beginning to have some health issues. He sold one of his houses and gave part of the proceeds to the church to build a social hall near the church. He died before he could see his dream realized. The Indonesian church deeply mourns the passing of one her deacons. May his memory be eternal.