Fr. Alexios Setir Cahyadi

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Fr. Alexios Setir CahyadiFr. Alexios was born on February 8th, 1958 as one of four brothers and one sister in a village called Prigi, Kedungjati, Grobogan, in Central Java. He grew up in a family of simple farmers. All of them were Buddhist and lived their lives according to the teaching of the faith of their ancestors.

In 1973, future Fr. Alexios finished his primary school at the same village where he was born, and In 1976, he finished junior high school located in the township of Kedungjati, 15 kilometers away from his village, where he would travel on foot everyday. In 1978, Fr. Alexios had to drop out of High School because of financial troubles, and then left the village in order to find work as a steward on the national train company, in the city.

In 1979, he got married to Heleny Diah Sulastri and lived in Solo. He worked hard to put food on the table for his family which before long grew with the blessing of four children whose Orthodox names would become Athina (1980), Ephremia (1986), Christopher (1988), and Andronica (1990).

Meanwhile, Fr. Alexios began to read books on religion and spirituality in an effort to improve himself and to find out more about life. In 1988, when Fr. Daniel started his mission in Solo, Indonesia, he met the future Fr Alexios who faithfully attended the Bible study gathering that Fr Daniel conducted. Finally Fr Daniel catechized him on Orthodoxy, and on December 22nd, 1989, the whole family converted and was baptized by Fr. Daniel.

Fr Daniel discerned that the future Fr. Alexios was an intelligent, devout man who might have a further calling in the church as it was an emerging mission in that area and therefore urged him to finish his High School. In 1990 with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Dionysios of New Zealand, he was consecrated into the rank of “Catechist-Reader” to help the mission as a lay assistant. Meanwhile in 1991, Fr Alexios graduated from High School which he had attended in the evenings for three years (1989-1991); he had to work on the day times. That year was when the Indonesian Orthodox Church gained its official recognition from the government.

On February 9, 1992, he was ordained to the Deaconate, at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church by His Eminence Metropolitan Dionysios of New Zealand. As a deacon, Fr Alexios assisted Fr Daniel in opening new fields of mission work in Indonesia and in teaching the Apostolic Faith at every opportunity, so that slowly the Orthodox Faith was accepted by the nation and within the context of Indonesian culture.

Between 1995-1996 with the consent of the people of the Holy Trinity parish and Fr. Daniel and with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Dionysios of New Zealand, Fr Alexios was sent to St. Nicholas Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Korea in order to equip him more in theological and liturgical training. On December 5, 1996, Fr Alexios was ordained as a priest by His Eminence Metropolitan Dionysios at the St. Maxim Chapel in South Korea and was appointed as a second priest to assist Fr Daniel in his ministry.

As Fr Daniel had to expand his mission work to the capital city of Jakarta, he left Solo and entrusted the ministry of Holy Trinity to Fr Alexios, who has been the rector of that parish since that time. Fr. Alexios has maintained his loyalty and vision for the Indonesian church by continually reaching out to the Indonesian people, even when there was a great pressure put on him not to. He is currently under the Omophorion of Met. Hilarion and the Vice President of GOI, the Indonesian Orthodox Church.