Fr. Michael Momongan

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Fr. Michael MomongranFr. Michael Momongran is the brother of the late Fr. Gregory and has been continuing Fr. Gregory’s mission in Manado. After Fr. Gregory’s death, Fr. Michael decided with the great approval of his family to seek ordination and continue the vision of his brother. His family is very supportive of Orthodoxy and dedicated to the mission in Manado. Fr. Michael had formerly been working in the fishing industry in Jakarta, but he left that and moved his wife and three year old daughter to Solo in order for him to study under Fr. Alexios and the other priests in Solo. He was ordained a year later by Metropolitan HILARION in June of 2009 and is stationed in Manado, the territory of his late brother. He just recently had another child and will be continuing the mission to reach out to to the people on his native island.