Dance: Traditional/Classical

The more traditional and classical dances and musics are more philosophically based. And usually are taken from religious mythology of the past with the purpose of conveying philisophical meaning to the people. Every gesture, every movement converys specific symbols taken from nature, such as the movement of the wind, clouds, water and even the movement of animals. Some of them are based on martial arts.

Javanise "Doll Dance

In this video, the song is sung in an ancient language. The dancer is representing the beauty of a doll.

Papuan Dance

Locals are entertaining tourists in Papua. This race is of African descent.

Balinese Dance

This welcoming dance is not performed by an arts group, but by average local people. This is their life, how they dress, act, etc. These Balinese people are the remnant of the ancient Indonesian culture before Islam was spread in the area.

Sundanese Dance

This dance represents a queen beautifying herself.

Performing Arts

This traditional Indonesian dramatic play is based on ancient mythology, a meeting in the palace of the king.

Arabic Influence

Mix: Modern/Traditional/Arabic (Islamic)


Portugese Influence

This song was written by Mr. Gesang from Solo, Central Java, where our first Orthodox Church is located. The song is about the River Solo and became popular in the far east as well as throughout Indonesia. Solo is the cradle of Javanese culture.

Chinese Influence