1. Parishes in North Sumatra (Sumatra)

Community of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Medan
Island: Sumatra | Region: North Sumatra | Clergy: Fr. Konstantinos

This Community meets in the home of the priest, Fr. Konstantinos. They need about $9,000 to get their own building.

2. Parishes in Riau (Sumatra)

Community of Sts Mitrophan and Tatiana, Pekanbaru
Island: Sumatra | Region: Riau | Clergy: Fr. Dionysius

This Community, in a city of about 700,000, is named for two married Chinese saints who were martyred during the Boxer Rebellion. The priest who serves this community, Fr. Dionysius, is Chinese and was formerly a Roman Catholic priest. Most of the members are also Chinese. The community meets for worship in the home of Fr. Dionysius.

3. Parishes in Jakarta (Java)

St. Thomas Parish
Island: Java | Region: Jakarta | Clergy: Fr. Boris

Jakarta is the Capital City of Indonesia, and the largest city, with a population of around 9 million people. Fr. Daniel started a Greek parish in Jakarta (“Holy Epiphany”) in an early mission trip. When over 200 parishioners were put out of this parish by the Greek bishop, they met for three years in a restaurant. Fr. Gregory (then a layman) served a Typica (reader) service weekly, and Fr. Daniel would send sermons weekly via email. In 2003, the Hadiningrat family donated land next to their home, and built a church there. In 2005, Fr. Gregory was ordained by Archbishop Hilarion, and served St. Thomas for a year. Then in 2006, he left to start a mission on his home island of Sulawese, and was replace by the newly-ordained Fr. Panteleimon. Currently, Fr. Boris is the parish priest there.

4. Parishes in Central Java (Java)

Grasak Mission, Grasak
Island: Java| Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Alexios

This mission was started in this small, poor farming village in 2006. Fr. Alexios serves a Liturgy here every Thursday evening in the homes of various members.

Holy Trinity Parish, Solo City (Surakarta)
Island: Java| Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Alexios, Dcn. Makarios

Holy Trinity was the first Orthodox Church ever built since the beginning of the history of Orthodox church in Indonesia. It is the first fruit of Fr. Daniel’s mission started in June 1988 with the church being built in 1996. It is the center of the Indonesian mission and its largest parish with several hundred members.Fr. Daniel started the mission but entrusted church to Fr. Alexios upon return his return from theological studies in Korea and ordination to the priesthood when Fr. Daniel went to start other missions. The church located in middle of the Muslim residence and when Fr. Daniel bought the land for the church, the area was still surrounded by several muslim houses. Slowly with time, through fundraising activities, Fr Daniel has purchased one by one the houses that surround the church. Recently, the late deacon Lucas, before his passing, donated a sum of money to build a social building near the church. The building is in the process of finishing. The muslim neighbors around have been using the area for social gatherings and events so that the church feels an amicable relationship with their neighbors. Fr. Alexios is still the priest there, and he is assisted by Dcn. Markarios.

Ngemplak Mission, Ngemplak
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Marcus

This mission is led by a young man, Subdeacon Jacobus, who assists Fr. Marcus as a lay leader. Most of members are people are former Buddhists. They have use of an unfinished house for worship, which they would like to purchase for about $5,000.

St. Anthony the Great’s Community, Salatiga
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Antonios

This community is in a medium sized university town andmeets in the home of the priest, Fr. Antonios, who was one of the first priests ordained by Archbishop Hilarion in 2005 and serves this community. Many of the members are young, affiliated with the university.

St. George Mission, Tlatar
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Marcus

This mission worships in an old house formerly owned by a local Pentacostal Church. Fr. Marcus serves this mission. They have recently purchased the church, which they had been formerly rented.

St. John Of Kronstadt Mission, Semanggi
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Alexios

This mission meets in various homes owned by members. Fr. Alexios serves a Divine Liturgy there every Friday night. The members are primarily working class.

St. Mark’s Community, Boyolali
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Barnabas

This parish was atarted by Fr. Markos. Most of members are farmers, and it is a village community. It does not have church building. A member of community offered his empty barn to be used for worship. The community is in need of its church building, which may cost $15,000. In 2008, they bought land for the church, but they currently have been unable to build a church yet. People are poor and cannot help even their own priest. Fr. Barnabas is currently the priest of the parish.

Tambak Mission, Tambak
Island: Java | Region: Central Java | Clergy: Fr. Marcus

This mission is in a small farming village and is served by Fr. Marcus. It meets in the home of his parents. Fr. Daniel has bought half of the land for the mission to build on, which needs about $6,000 in order to build the church building.

5. Parishes in West Java (Java)

Mission in Bandung, Bandang
Island: Java | Region: West Java | Clergy: Fr. Alexios

The community meets in the pavilion of a rented house that belongs to a friend of Fr. Daniel. They have recently begun meeting since the beginning of 2007.

6. Parishes in Yogyakarta (Java)

Yogyakarta City Mission
Island: Java | Region: West Java | Clergy: Fr. Alexios

This mission was just started in 2006, in this major city of 3 million, one hour from Solo and is served by Fr. Alexios, who visits every other week. They meet in a rented house. The parishioners are somewhat more educated.

7. Parishes in East Java (Java)

Jombang City Mission
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Irenaios

This mission is composed of a mixture of educated and uneducated people, in a city of over 1 million people. Fr. Irenaios serves this parish every month.

Kabuh Village Mission
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Irenaios

This mission is located in a small farming village. It is served by Fr. Irenaios who has to travel 50 km by motercycle to get there every other Sunday evening.

Planda’an Village Mission
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Irenaios

This mission is located in a small farm village. Fr. Irenaios serves this small community on the same day that he goes to the Kabuh mission, since it is on the way.

St. Jonah of Ninevah’s Community, Surabaya
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Kyrillos

This Provincial Capital City is the second-largest city in Indonesia. The Community is served by Fr. Kyrillos and meets in the home of his wife’s parents, who are Chinese Protestant Christians. Most of the members are young people. People from the Russian Consulate now worhsip here too. The parish will need around $15,000 to get their own church building and land.

St. Panteleimon’s Community, Mojokerto
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Irenaios

The Community of St. Panteleimon is located in Mojokerto, a city of almost one million. Fr. Daniel started this Community in 1988. For a number of years, it was served by Fr. Daniel’s sister’s husband, Deacon Panteleimon, and it met for worship in a room in his house. Since Fr. Dcn. Panteleimon fell asleep in the Lord, the community is being served by Fr. Irenaios. In 2006, the community finally rented a house to use for worship and moved out of the room it had been using in Fr. Daniel’s sister’s house. They will need around $10,000 in order to get their own building.

St. Seraphim of Sarov’s Community, Gresik
Island: Java | Region: East Java | Clergy: Fr. Irenaios

This community was started by Fr. Daniel when he was still a Protestant. When he converted to Orthodoxy, he returned and led many of the same people into the Orthodox Church. This community was served for awhile by Fr. Johannes, who is Fr. Daniel’s brother, but was without a priest for about three years. They are currently meeting in Fr. Irenaios’s house, who is the current priest there. They will need about $10,000 in order to get their own church.

8. Parishes in Bali (Java)

Bali Mission
Island: Java, Region: Bali | Clergy: Fr. Alexander Kobesi

This mission has just recently started at the beginning of June 2009. Fr. Aleksander moved back to Bali right after his ordination and has been struggling to get the mission off the ground. Funds are extremely tight, and he is starting from scratch. Fr. Daniel and Friends of Indonesia have been helping this new parish, but costs are higher on Bali, which is a popular tourist destination. The main parish is located in Singaraja and meets in the rented house of Fr. Aleksander. The congregation there is 14, but Fr. Aleksander travels all around the area, so there are 28 orthodox faithful at Denpasar, South of Bali and 27 orthodox sympathizer at Banjar, 28 km of west of Singaraja. The majority of them are indigenous and poor families. They do not own a church building and have been looking into affording some land. Fr. Aleksander travels all around the region, going as far as 80km one way weekly. He also leads Bible Studies. They try to incorporate the Balinese culture into the weekly worship.

9. Parishes in West Timor (East Nusa Tenggara island group)

Kupang Mission, Kupang
Island: East Nusa Tenggara (Island group) | Region: West Timor | Clergy:

This mission, established in 2005, is in the provincial Capital city of Kupang, which has a population of near half a million people. A number of the clergy serving in various parts of Indonesia are Timorese. Fr. Panteliemon, a Timorese, is the current priest of the parish. This mission has a lay leader that leads a weekly Typica (Reader) service.

10. Parishes in North Sulawesi (Sulawesi)

St Gregory of Nyssa Parish, Manado
Island: Sulawesi | Region: North Sulawesi | Clergy: Fr. Michael Momongan

This Parish was started in 2005, when Fr. Daniel came to the island of Sulawesi, hired a band to draw a crowd, and did open-air evangelism. Before his passing, Fr. Gregory moved back to his home island of Sulawesi from Jakarta to serve the believers here. This parish purchased land for $3,000 in 2006, and built a church on it for another $4,000, an elevated wooden house. They still need about $6,000 to finish the work. The church is located in a small village and has a poor farming congregation, mostly uneducated. The church is fast-growing and has about 50-60 people. Recently, Fr. Michael was assigned there to continue the work of his late brother, Fr. Gregory.

Tomohon Mission
Island: Sulawesi | Region: North Sulawesi | Clergy: Fr. Moses Kristianto

Fr. Moses, newly ordained in June 2009, has just started this mission. There are many difficulties, but the mission is growing.

11. Parishes in Papua (New Guinea)

Church of the Holy Resurrection, Jayapura
Island: New Guinea | Region: Papua | Clergy: Fr. Athanasius

This mission in the Provincial Capital of Jayapura, with a population of about 200,000, is served by Fr. Athanasius, a former Baptist pastor, Joseph Muzendi. This is a fairly large parish of around 100 people. Fr Athanasius has been active in spreading Orthodoxy throughout the region into smaller villages. It is currently working on building a new church, though finances are really tight. Fr. Athanasius donated the land for the church, and they will have a small silver dome on the top once the church is finished. The church is also aided by Fr. Dcn Chrysostomos who also runs an Orthodox college outreach ministry at a local university.