Muslim harassment of Indonesian Christians intensifies

Fr. Daniel Byantoro: Muslim harassment of Christians in Indonesia is increasing. Below I have included a newsletter that catalogs the level and extent of recent trouble the Christians of Indonesia has had either from Muslim activists or the state. We need your prayers and your support to preach the Gospel of Christ and build the […]

Frederica: Help Orthodox Indonesia this Christmas

Orthodox clergy and family, here’s a Christmas gift that will cost you nothing and bring great blessings. The Orthodox Church in Indonesia is getting off the ground, and the impoverished clergy cannot afford vestments, altar ware, or other church supplies. Don’t you have some worn-out vestments you don’t wear any more, or a spare chalice? […]

Indonesian Bishop: Muslim radicals are “colonizing” the country

Source: Jihad Watch No word from the Mideast on whether this might also be a Zionist plot, all the way over in Indonesia. Indeed, one again finds Islam’s vaunted “tolerance” being “misunderstood” with striking uniformity in places far removed from one another, by local Islamic groups. So, how did that happen? Did these guys call […]

Incarnational Approach to Orthodoxy in Indonesia

An Interview with Fr.Dionysios (Rm.Dionisius Surya Halim) and his Presbytera Artemia Rita Source: Journey to Orthodoxy. This interview was first published March 31, 2005. Orthodoxy was first established in Indonesia in Batavia, Java as a parish of the Harbin Diocese in accordance with the Ukase of the Harbin Diocesan Council of November 23, 1934. In […]

Fr. Byantoro: Sermon on the Demoniac of the Gadarenes

Luke 8:22ff. In this series Fr. Daniel discusses the demoniac of the Gaderenes who had many demons named “Legion.” He examines how the devil works in the human heart. It is not enough to say we are Orthodox and merely substitute cultural affiliation in place of dynamic encounter with the Risen Christ, Fr. Daniel teaches. […]

Catholics in Bogor (West Java) not allowed to celebrate Christmas Mass

Fr. Daniel: We face restrictions from the Muslims who do not want to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached in Indonesia. Increasingly, radical Muslims are becoming intolerant towards Christian groups. Please pray for the Christians in Indonesia and for our work in the Indonesian Orthodox Church. by Mathias Hariyadi Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Bogor authorities […]

Fr. Daniel Byantoro: Nativity Letter 2010

Dear Friends, Christ is Born! Glorify Him! The self-offering of Christ on the cross for our redemption is possible only because of His assuming our human flesh from His human Mother at the time of His Nativity in Bethlehem. It is the voluntary act of self-giving and self-emptying (Philippians 2:5-6) of the Divine Self that […]

Clergy Meetings

Every Thursday in Indonesia on the island of Java in the city of Solo at Holy Trinity Church, the clergy hold a conference in the morning to discuss any issues in the Indonesian Church. They open in a prayer led by Fr. Alexios, the rector of the parish. Then, they talk about financial, parishioner, and […]

A letter from FOI Chairman, Fr. Gordon Walker

Fr. Gordon’s pastoral letters to the Friends of Indonesia paint a compelling picture of both the power of the Holy Spirit in the work of building the Indonesian Church and the great sacrifices made by the priests who build it. Some excerpts: Fr. Daniel has a habit of giving all his own money to the […]

Indonesian Priests sacrifice for Gospel and Church

The parish Church of the Holy Resurrection in Papua, New Guinea is pastored by Fr. Athanasius and Fr. Dcn. Chrysostomos. Though this parish’s roots have been planted in Papuan soil for a while now, both Fr. Athanasius and Fr. Dcn. Chrysostomos were ordained to their respective positions only last year. Both of these clergy are […]